Life Rocketed® Launches New Store

Life Rocketed® Re-opens

Since the first launch, I've decided to take a slower approach when it was time to give the store a fresher look.

Life Rocketed® not only has a new look but more products and designs are coming as well! Check it out, be inspired, and spread the word!

Going Forward

I won't take the artwork for granted. When I first started this, I realized that it's been years since I put pencil to paper and put great detail into some art. I’ve only done sketches since then. I didn't think I needed to practice. I thought I'd just absorb everything. wrong. For the record, I’m not trying to be a Picasso but instead I’m just trying to be me.

I don't like to rush art but yet I was trying to do just that, all while skipping the essentials and enjoyment. I was trying to push out products as fast as possible and taking all the fun out of what I was doing.

I hope you can enjoy what's to come.

Peace and blessings,
Anthony Doy