What's in your Real Resume?

I’m sure at some point many of you have had to write a resume for something. If not, maybe you will. You put your best life-skills and career accomplishments into that document. Your top talents and abilities are intelligently crafted to show how valuable you are. Then with a courageous heart, you show it all to prospective and worthy employers. Yes, WORTHY! They are worthy of being able to use you to help anchor and flourish their establishment. It's a team effort.

But deep down in the pit of your soul, what if that isn’t your REAL resume? What if that magnificent document that you’ve produced doesn’t even compare to the talent that YOU truly possess? Wouldn’t it be great to put THAT on a resume?

We all hold true and genuine talents. We all have passions that we’d rather be doing above anything else. It’s either a gift or something learned and you’re just that damn good at it. You’re so good that you pat yourself on the back! Because why not?

With all of the encouragement I can muster up, I challenge you to tailor your REAL resume and live it! It may not be easy for some, but it will be fun. Wouldn’t it be awesome to make a living off of what’s inside your REAL resume?

After all of my schooling and doing my best to be a super engineer, it wasn’t fulfilling. Maybe it was constantly trying to do well in the eyes of others and realizing that much of my efforts have gone unnoticed. It could have been a realization that I’m much more talented than I gave myself credit for. Or maybe it was a search for a certain happiness in life to feel as though I know what I should be doing.

So, if you can find the time (and I hope you do), start tinkering with your REAL resume. You don’t have to necessarily make a business out of it. But then again, you just might! Bring out that inner magic that you do so well. And don't be modest about it!

You know for a fact that you are insanely amazing at that awesome hobby or passion that you have tucked away. Let it loose!

Get started! No matter the foreseen outcome, you may in fact add a little more fun, excitement, and self-appreciation to your life. I wish you well!


My soul found something to write about, with hopes that it will inspire or entertain another. Peace and blessings.
~ Anthony Doy

(This was originally posted on my main company's website, PlayArtLoud.com/blog)